Cognitive Development Lab

Welcome to the Cognitive Development Lab

Our research focuses on how and why cognition changes in the course of development and learning.

How do limited cognitive abilities of infants evolve into truly remarkable behaviors of older children and adults? How do simple perceptual groupings of young infants give rise to abstract concepts later in development? How do people develop the ability to strategically focus on some aspects of information while ignoring others? And what are the interrelationships among the development of attention, memory, language, and generalization?

In an attempt to answer these questions, we study infants, children, and adults. Our research uses a broad range of tasks from simple discrimination to reasoning and problem solving and a variety of behavioral and neuroscience methods. All projects in the lab are focused around the following broad research interests:

  • Origins of knowledge
  • The role of learning in cognitive development
  • Interrelationships among the development of attention, memory, and generalization
  • Knowledge representation and its change in the course of development